INSTAGRAM FIND – lisesilva

How I love to find amazing artists on Instagram. It’s always such a wonderful & magical moment! Today I found Lise Silva. She
an artist based in Oakland, CA and she creates fiber jewelry and wall hangings with handmade cord entwined in knot designs which
explore the power of symbols. Her knot designs “serve as a metaphor for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires.”


Find her website here
And the Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – electricsuncreatives

I’m in love with these wonderful wall hangings. Sarah Perez from Sacramento, Ca creates these beautiful brass wall hangings. They are so pretty! I really like the combination of the color of the metal and the different geometric forms and the wood textures. And as a creative I’m always curious to see how other artist’s studios look like – beautiful big windows and lots of light.

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Take a look for yourself an visit her easy shop here
And her Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – Meghan Shimek

I’m really inspired by the abstract and textural fiber wall hangings of Meghan Shimek at the moment. Meghan Shimek is a weaver and artist and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is inspired by nature. Doesn’t this sound lovely: “She integrates the natural beauty of her surroundings, the memory of quiet snowy nights, and the sound of the stream running under her home into every weaving.”


Find the images on her instagram feed here
And her website here