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INSTAGRAM FIND – takaradesign

Lovely jewelry made in coastal California.

Each piece is handmade. The artist Jen Goff uses traditional craft techniques like weaving, ropemaking and braiding and combines these with natural dyed fibers and hand-hammered metals. I’m really intrigued by the mix of the different textures, the golden hues and the combination of metal and fibers.


Take a look at Takara jewelry here
And find the takaradesign instagram feed here

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INSTAGRAM FIND – minamilanda

Mina Milanda is a flower store located on the Frognerveien Street in Oslo, Norway. Mina Milanda focusses on white flowers combined with all shades of green. Here you can find flowers, palm trees, succulents, cacti, candles, marble, pots and vases … all natural products like clay, silk, cotton, wood, marble, stone, porcelain and glass. I just love flower shops and the unique look and feel of Mina Milanda really caught my eye – just beautiful and inspiring!


Find her website here
All images are from her Instagram feed here
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INSTAGRAM FIND – studio_elke

Why haven’t I seen this earlier? Sydney based jewellery designer Elke Kramer has been designing unique accessories and statement jewellery for eleven years. I just found her on Instagram and need to share. Studio Elke designs “Unique objects, jewellery & accessories for the curious individual”. I love the maximalist aesthetic here of “more is more” and the bold gestures. There are great combinations of beautiful materials and great shapes – so inspiring. And I love the artistic packaging with the splatter paint pattern. Please take a look:


Find her website here
All images are from her Instagram feed here
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INSTAGRAM FIND – lisesilva

How I love to find amazing artists on Instagram. It’s always such a wonderful & magical moment! Today I found Lise Silva. She
an artist based in Oakland, CA and she creates fiber jewelry and wall hangings with handmade cord entwined in knot designs which
explore the power of symbols. Her knot designs “serve as a metaphor for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires.”


Find her website here
And the Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – hellotangle

I love handcrafted items – especially wall hangings. hello tangle is Bibi and Veronica. These two sisters from Melbourne, Australia create delightful woven fiber art. The pieces have such beautiful textures and great color combinations. Looking at them it makes me want to get out my little loom and start a new design.


And the Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – emma_cassi

Emma Cassi’s work has been an inspiration for me for a long time. I love the details and the colors. And I love the that she uses reclaimed lace, and 1880’s jet beads, 1950’s sequins and vintage Swarovski crystals to create her lace and embroidery jewelry.

Often her pieces are limited edition and sometimes you get a one-of-a-kind piece. A native french Emma began making jewelry 1999 in London.
Here you can see 4 images from her new Autumn/Winter collection from her Instagram feed. Such a great way to present the jewelry!



Visit her website here
And her Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – electricsuncreatives

I’m in love with these wonderful wall hangings. Sarah Perez from Sacramento, Ca creates these beautiful brass wall hangings. They are so pretty! I really like the combination of the color of the metal and the different geometric forms and the wood textures. And as a creative I’m always curious to see how other artist’s studios look like – beautiful big windows and lots of light.

SteffiK Blog InstaFinds electricsuncreatives

Take a look for yourself an visit her easy shop here
And her Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – muzungusisters

I know its winter and it’s supposed to snow this week but I can’t help myself – I’m in need for some bright & happy thoughts.

And I’m dreaming of pom pom gladiator sandals from Greece and Sicilian baskets. I just found the Muzungu Sisters on Instagram and I’m in love with that vibrant feed. The two sisters offer ethically-sourced handmade products, made by 16 different artisan communities across four continents. They sell the handmade items in pop-up shops around the world and online in their webshop

Also see my Pinterest board ★Dreaming of Pom Poms★

Here’s to color, cheers to pom poms.
Here’s to adding more color to our wardrobes this year!

SteffiK Blog InstaFinds muzungusisters


Take a look at the Muzungu Sisters website here
And find the muzungusisters instagram feed here