INSTAGRAM FIND – hellotangle

I love handcrafted items – especially wall hangings. hello tangle is Bibi and Veronica. These two sisters from Melbourne, Australia create delightful woven fiber art. The pieces have such beautiful textures and great color combinations. Looking at them it makes me want to get out my little loom and start a new design.


And the Instagram feed here

INSTAGRAM FIND – Meghan Shimek

I’m really inspired by the abstract and textural fiber wall hangings of Meghan Shimek at the moment. Meghan Shimek is a weaver and artist and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is inspired by nature. Doesn’t this sound lovely: “She integrates the natural beauty of her surroundings, the memory of quiet snowy nights, and the sound of the stream running under her home into every weaving.”


Find the images on her instagram feed here
And her website here