1 2 3 – Cooked – a logo concept

1 2 3 – Gekocht (1 2 3 – Cooked) – the idea – provide the recipe and the ingredients, instead of shopping and preparing yourself. 1 2 3 – Gekocht plans the meals, buys the ingredients in your area, and sends them already cut and prepared along with the cooking instructions directly to your house. It couldn’t  be more comfortable. Here the ingredients are not only delivered, but even pre-cut, just mix, cook, fry or boil – and this delicious food is ready to eat.

From SteffiK 1 2 3 – Gekocht got a logo, business cards, a letterhead, the design of the packaging and its menu.
Well then, Bon appetit!

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Letterhead

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_BusinessCards

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Packaging

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Menu

Here are the logo ideas of the first 3 concepts. It’s always so interesting where things had started and how the design developed from there:

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Logo_Concepts