1 2 3 – Cooked – a logo concept

1 2 3 – Gekocht (1 2 3 – Cooked) – the idea – provide the recipe and the ingredients, instead of shopping and preparing yourself. 1 2 3 – Gekocht plans the meals, buys the ingredients in your area, and sends them already cut and prepared along with the cooking instructions directly to your house. It couldn’t  be more comfortable. Here the ingredients are not only delivered, but even pre-cut, just mix, cook, fry or boil – and this delicious food is ready to eat.

From SteffiK 1 2 3 – Gekocht got a logo, business cards, a letterhead, the design of the packaging and its menu.
Well then, Bon appetit!

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Letterhead

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_BusinessCards

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Packaging

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Menu

Here are the logo ideas of the first 3 concepts. It’s always so interesting where things had started and how the design developed from there:

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Logo_Concepts




In this post I want to show you my logo/identity design process for the blog Cooking for friends. The blog will talk about recipes, ideas for invitations, parties and festivities. „Cooking for friends“ goes two ways, Evelyn is cooking for her friends and her „blog friends“ will be inspired to cook for their friends.

Sometimes clients come to me and have already some ideas about what their logo should convey. Evelyn knew she wanted to use chili peppers in her logo. Chili peppers are visually great to work with. They have cool shapes and the red is a great color to add some spice to the design.

Usually I need to give the idea some time to develop – a day or two. I’m not conciously thinking about it, but it’s in the back of my head and it starts growing slowly into something more. Then I start sketching either on paper or sometimes I go directly to the computer and start bringing the ideas to life. I then present three of the best design ideas to my client. After that there are discussions, changes & corrections and a new logo/identity is born.

The process in pictures:

I started with some watercolor drawings of chili peppers.


Then I layed out a cooking scene, added spices and props for the blog banner background. Here is one of the originals and other images that I worked on in photoshop.







I then added the different logo ideas I had created in illustrator and sent three concepts to my client for review.




And after some tweaks and changes we landed here – the final design:





Every designer has their own approach to the three stages of idea, concept and design. What is your problem-solving process?