ON MY RADAR – 4’18

What I love this month:

The weather has been so beautiful lately
– I can’t help it –
I’m dreaming of summer, sun, the ocean, shells and sand.
There’s nothing like listening to the ocean!

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are
the sound of rain,
the sound of wind in primeval wood,
and the sound of outer ocean on the beach.”

 – Henry Beston –

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ON MY RADAR – 1’18

What I love this month:

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere,
so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Jack Kerouac, On the Road



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My Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are a great place to collect and manage ideas. They are also great to explore techniques and styles. I like to use my sketchbooks to solve problems and take notes and trying out different ideas or just to have fun.
But sketchbooks are not only for sketches. Here I used magazine cutouts to create collages and sometimes I draw on them as well. I like to look at these collected ideas and sketches to get inspired and they are often a great starting point for a new design project.






ON MY RADAR -Month 9

What I love this month:

Black is such a powerful and strong color.
It’s serious and evokes strong emotions.
In combination with textures black is so interesting.
Here I put different tactile and visual textures together into a collage.

Steffi K On my Radar Month 9



credits: grapes, powder, water, rope, drops, leaves and onyx bubble with thanks