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ON MY RADAR – 1’18

What I love this month:

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere,
so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Jack Kerouac, On the Road



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ON MY RADAR – 11’17

What I love this month:

… fall whispers – quiet time with tea and knitting and meditation and cosy blankets and rich berry colors

“All mental tension comes from not letting go.”
Yung Pueblo


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ON MY RADAR – 1’17

What I love this month:

a brand new year with lots of new goals and ideas!

I know there is snow on the ground at the moment,
but I’m thinking of the time I visited Arizona – thinking of the desert, cowboy boots and hats, cacti and adventures.


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ON MY RADAR – 10’16

What I love this month:
The jewelry design and campaign of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN,
Pumpkin colors, the season of knitting and drinking warm tea.


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New Glass Systems – work in progress

It’s always so exciting to share some work in progress with you for a new brand identity. This Logo is going to be for a window company in Miami. Here you see the moodboard which I pull together from different images from my Pinterest galleries as a research. The board is my starting point when I’m beginning to sketch and put ideas together in illustrator. I then develop 2-3 series of logo concepts. We wanted a clean, modern look. I choose the color palette and fonts. And then it’s off to the client for feedback. I love to develop logo ideas, it’s so interesting to dive into new businesses and industries I haven’t worked in before.




ON MY RADAR – 09’16

What I love this month:
Art & hats and romantic fall fashion for the colder days coming


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ON MY RADAR – 07’16

What I love this month:
mindfully handmade products from ABC Carpet & Home & Anthropologie


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ON MY RADAR – 05’16

What I love this month:
Analog cameras, statement furniture and the flowy, delicate dresses from Chloe’s spring 2016 collection


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