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a walk in winter wonderland

Here are some impressions from the walk I took in the frozen and very quiet landscape yesterday.
Every time I’m in nature I’m fascinated by it and so inspired.
Mother nature is the best designer. There is so much beauty and magic and wonder.
Just as Ansel Adams said:

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”

With each New Year we get a fresh, clean page to start over.

Here’s hoping that life writes a beautiful new chapter for you this year.

Happy New Year!











New Glass Systems – work in progress

It’s always so exciting to share some work in progress with you for a new brand identity. This Logo is going to be for a window company in Miami. Here you see the moodboard which I pull together from different images from my Pinterest galleries as a research. The board is my starting point when I’m beginning to sketch and put ideas together in illustrator. I then develop 2-3 series of logo concepts. We wanted a clean, modern look. I choose the color palette and fonts. And then it’s off to the client for feedback. I love to develop logo ideas, it’s so interesting to dive into new businesses and industries I haven’t worked in before.




Trust the timing of your life.



Sometimes I think I think to much…
But I’m “… in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.”

Quote by Louise L. Hay

my artwork

Thank you Emma Cassi for sharing my artwork on your tumblr page.
I love your work and this page is so inspiring. So happy to see my work next to so many amazing images!




Find Emma’s beautiful handmade lace jewelry here

My artwork:

Steffi Kalil Art

1 2 3 – Cooked – a logo concept

1 2 3 – Gekocht (1 2 3 – Cooked) – the idea – provide the recipe and the ingredients, instead of shopping and preparing yourself. 1 2 3 – Gekocht plans the meals, buys the ingredients in your area, and sends them already cut and prepared along with the cooking instructions directly to your house. It couldn’t  be more comfortable. Here the ingredients are not only delivered, but even pre-cut, just mix, cook, fry or boil – and this delicious food is ready to eat.

From SteffiK 1 2 3 – Gekocht got a logo, business cards, a letterhead, the design of the packaging and its menu.
Well then, Bon appetit!

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Letterhead

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_BusinessCards

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Packaging

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Menu

Here are the logo ideas of the first 3 concepts. It’s always so interesting where things had started and how the design developed from there:

SteffiK_Portfolio_123 Gekocht_Logo_Concepts

in my studio

Here are some detail shots of #6 of 9 square drawings. 9 of them will form one big square when finished. My tools are stencils, rulers and circles and I concentrate on geometric forms & symmetry. I also use metallic paints to add some sparkle, some reflexion of the light. Making progress and now off to work on #7



new in the portfolio

Pfarrverband / Parish Association Kirchheim – Heimstetten
Brand Identity Design / Logo Design / Stationary Design / Invitations

For a long time I’ve been meaning to post this brand design!


The primary logo of the parish association reflects the new unity of the 3 churches of Kirchheim, Heimstetten and Landsham. I used a circle that is open at the top and in it I brought together the 3 church steeples. Each unique steeple has a a different color and they are slightly overlapping each other. Even though the 3 churches are now one union the different colors express the autonomy of each parish. For each parish I selected a strong, traditional color: Red stands for St. Stephanus in Landsham, purple for St. Peter in Heimstetten and green for St. Andreas in Kirchheim. The typefaces are a combination of both modern and traditional styles.

The logo is like a puzzle, one part can not exist without the other. The open door symbolically represents openness, an invitation to the Community and sociability.

Since each parish is also operating alone under it’s own name we decided to create 3 sub-logos, one for each church. In the sub-logo the other two churches are still visible but they are in the background.








This project was a challenge that I happily took on and I love how it turned out.

See more projects in my portfolio here

In my studio

I’ve started drawing as a meditation last summer and have been drawing since. I use stencils, rulers and circles as tools and concentrate on geometric forms & symmetry. It’s a constant study and surprise what the end result will be. This series I’m working on right now has the work title “Cosmic desert dreams”.


I use 18 1/2″ square paper with a grid of 2x2cm drawn in pencil. I always start in the middle of the paper with a square and 4 circles and then I let it develop from there. It’s a process that is not planned out, its more of a reaction to what is happening when I add elements to the composition. My plan is to do 9 unique squares that form one big square in the end. I’m very curious to see what the outcome will be, seeing them all together next to each other.

My motto for drawing: “Keep shining” and keeping a sense of wonder and amazement at the world around me.



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