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I’ve started drawing as a meditation last summer and have been drawing since. I use stencils, rulers and circles as tools and concentrate on geometric forms & symmetry. It’s a constant study and surprise what the end result will be. This series I’m working on right now has the work title “Cosmic desert dreams”.


I use 18 1/2″ square paper with a grid of 2x2cm drawn in pencil. I always start in the middle of the paper with a square and 4 circles and then I let it develop from there. It’s a process that is not planned out, its more of a reaction to what is happening when I add elements to the composition. My plan is to do 9 unique squares that form one big square in the end. I’m very curious to see what the outcome will be, seeing them all together next to each other.

My motto for drawing: “Keep shining” and keeping a sense of wonder and amazement at the world around me.



Netzwerktreffen findet am Dienstag, den 26. Januar 2016





  1. JP Anke

    Love these!  What did you use for the metallics?

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