INSTAGRAM FIND – minamilanda

Mina Milanda is a flower store located on the Frognerveien Street in Oslo, Norway. Mina Milanda focusses on white flowers combined with all shades of green. Here you can find flowers, palm trees, succulents, cacti, candles, marble, pots and vases … all natural products like clay, silk, cotton, wood, marble, stone, porcelain and glass. I just love flower shops and the unique look and feel of Mina Milanda really caught my eye – just beautiful and inspiring!


Find her website here
All images are from her Instagram feed here
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ON MY RADAR – 11’16

What I love this month:
Actually what I need right now:
the calm and reserved interior of the museums exhibition space;
amazing, inspiring art and the thought that art and creativity matters

Cy Twombly at the Brandhorst Museum in Munich &
Agnes Martin you can see now at the Guggenheim Museum in New York or like me online


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INSTAGRAM FIND – studio_elke

Why haven’t I seen this earlier? Sydney based jewellery designer Elke Kramer has been designing unique accessories and statement jewellery for eleven years. I just found her on Instagram and need to share. Studio Elke designs “Unique objects, jewellery & accessories for the curious individual”. I love the maximalist aesthetic here of “more is more” and the bold gestures. There are great combinations of beautiful materials and great shapes – so inspiring. And I love the artistic packaging with the splatter paint pattern. Please take a look:


Find her website here
All images are from her Instagram feed here
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ON MY RADAR – 10’16

What I love this month:
The jewelry design and campaign of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN,
Pumpkin colors, the season of knitting and drinking warm tea.


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••• Red •••

Red is energizing. Red is powerful, warm and positive. Red the color of energy. Red will get your attention.
It’s the color of physical movement and awakens our physical life force. Don’t be afraid of Red. Red shows action, passion, strength and courage.






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New Glass Systems – work in progress

It’s always so exciting to share some work in progress with you for a new brand identity. This Logo is going to be for a window company in Miami. Here you see the moodboard which I pull together from different images from my Pinterest galleries as a research. The board is my starting point when I’m beginning to sketch and put ideas together in illustrator. I then develop 2-3 series of logo concepts. We wanted a clean, modern look. I choose the color palette and fonts. And then it’s off to the client for feedback. I love to develop logo ideas, it’s so interesting to dive into new businesses and industries I haven’t worked in before.




ON MY RADAR – 09’16

What I love this month:
Art & hats and romantic fall fashion for the colder days coming


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INSTAGRAM FIND – lisesilva

How I love to find amazing artists on Instagram. It’s always such a wonderful & magical moment! Today I found Lise Silva. She
an artist based in Oakland, CA and she creates fiber jewelry and wall hangings with handmade cord entwined in knot designs which
explore the power of symbols. Her knot designs “serve as a metaphor for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires.”


Find her website here
And the Instagram feed here